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Get Tanned

Get Your Competition Tan On


When on stage, you want your body to look its best, that includes the right stage tan. Go book your tanning appointment now at the athletes resources page.

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Sponsorship by Dicks Sporting Goods Stores!

We are pleased to announce that DICK’S Sporting Goods will be giving out $50.00 dollars to top finishers at this years IFBB Physique America Mr. & Ms. Maine and Northeast Open! They also will be giving out discounts to all competitors. All dollars given out need to be redeemed at store locations!



Exciting news that Gronk Fitness has joined the Mr. and Ms. Maine and Notheast Championship as a sponsor. Check them out in our athlete page. 


Whats the Difference?

To help clarify using a visual, here is the difference between bikini, wellness, and figure (body fitness).

●Bikini, soft athletic built. Symmetry   

● Wellness, same as bikini with the main exception; larger from waist down.  Women who have the genetics for larger glutes and legs normally excel in this division.   

● Body Fitness aka Figure. More defined lines, no striations, looking for symmetry. 

The Dark Knight


A very exciting announcement that Batman will be presenting some of the awards at the competition. What a great photo opportunity for competitors and friends and family.